illustrating collection lines

If you happen to visit a sugar shack, you will be greeted by a network of plastic tubing. You could expect to find miles upon miles of tubing connected and wrapped around trees. This network is responsible in transporting the collected sap to a large collection tank. We don’t want to bore you with the fine details of the whole process, but instead, highlight a key point.

Maple Syrup production is unforgiving, it takes roughly 40 gallons of collected sap to create ONE gallon of maple syrup. Understandably, challenges arise, leaks within the network of plastic tubing do  happen. It is absolutely critical that the integrity of the collecting network is maintained and in perfect working condition.

Black River Maple products

Struggling with maple syrup production, a maple producer was all but about to give up. That is until, discovering a solution. Smartrek Technologies, and their Plug n’ Play monitoring. This enabled the ability to detect leaks within the tube network, reducing and/or eliminating losses.


High tech helps Mabou producer. – Erin Pottie, Cape Breton Post