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Municipalities may experience flooding or overflows due to a variety of causes, including neglect of infrastructure, substandard drainage systems, and excessive development. In addition, overflows can also result from extreme weather, melting snow, heavy rainfall, saturated soil, clogged sewers, or faulty discharge control devices.

Implementing a monitoring system for infrastructure is essential for detecting and responding swiftly to overflows and abnormalities. An effective surveillance system can aid municipalities in preventing and managing overflows by monitoring water levels, flows, and return flows; detecting leaks; and monitoring drainage systems. The monitoring also allows for adjusting and sustaining the current infrastructure, allowing drainage systems to be repaired or enhanced to endure overflows more reliably. Finally, it will assist municipalities in making more strategic plans and taking steps to mitigate the repercussions of future overflows.


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How Smartrek help prevent overflows ?
  • Smartrek can help prevent flooding and overflows by providing predictive analyses and real-time monitoring. Our sensors can detect potential sources of flooding, such as clogged drains, and alert responsible parties to take corrective action.
  • Smartrek can also monitor water levels and alert responsible parties if these water levels begin to rise to a critical level. Additionally, Smartrek can provide detailed reports on the hydrological conditions of an area, which can significantly assist in identifying areas at risk of flood or overflow and, thus, enable competent authorities to take preventive measures.

  • Smartrek Technologies has over 40 different types of sensors. To address overflows, the Ultrasonic sensor provides municipalities with a turnkey solution to gain a comprehensive view and make informed decisions. Furthermore, the Ultrasonic sensor can detect small changes in water levels and identify potential overflows before they occur – helping municipalities to avoid costly and time-consuming cleanups and repairs.

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What makes Smartrek different from others !

Smartrek’s Atrax solution provides improved infrastructure monitoring to help detect and quickly react to any overflows and high-level situations. This is achieved using an ultrasonic sensor that provides detailed information such as water level, flow rate, and volume.

In addition, to minimize environmental impacts and comply with governmental standards, Smartrek utilizes its cutting-edge wireless communication protocol, SpiderMesh. This technology enables municipalities to create private, battery-powered networks with minimal maintenance and offer excellent reliability, robustness, and comprehensive security.


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How does it work ?

Smartrek’s Ultrasonic Sensor is ideal for municipalities looking for an effective solution for managing potential overflows. This system uses a high-frequency sound transducer to measure the water level, providing accurate and timely data to detect overflow risks and initiate preventative measures. Additionally, its wireless and non-invasive design allows for easy and convenient installation in manholes or stormwater pits, making it a perfect fit for municipal areas.

Smartrek brings advanced, efficient monitoring systems to flood-risk areas, enabling public workers & policy makers to detect threats in real time & prepare an effective response. Protect your citizens, properties & environment – Invest in Smartrek.