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Rain Gauge:

Real-time monitoring of rainfall offers numerous advantages in various scenarios. For instance, installing real-time rain gauge monitors can significantly benefit a city grappling with inflow and infiltration issues. The rain gauge A-Link guarantees data accuracy in I&I studies, informing crucial decisions regarding costly sewer system rehabilitation projects.

How Smartrek Rain Gauge A-Link Works:

The Rain Gauge A-Link is a 1 channel long range wireless tipping rain bucket monitor. It can be connected to most tipping rain bucket on the market with a pulse output. Additionally, the sensor shows the rain rate by averaging the total number of tips over a rain event. It also stores the total number of tips in the internal memory of the A-Link therefore keeping track of the totalizer value even when losing power. A total of 3 resettable totalizers are provided with the option of select one of the following 3 modes of operations: 1) generic totalizer, 2) total rain in the current rain event and 3) the total rain in the last X hours.

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