Our innovation

Powered by Spidermesh, our proprietary radio mesh protocol, we can develop custom networks of sensors based on the data you need and the topology of the terrain, giving you the highest quality of data in the industry. By acquiring Smartrek, you become independent from any third-party connectivity providers & own your infrastructure, avoiding recurrent costs and technology obsolescence.

Our products and services

Smartrek provides a variety of services and solutions, including flow and level monitoring, pressure and temperature measurement, and data processing. Our clients can access our cloud-based platforms or easily integrate them into their SCADA systems, giving them real-time access to information and valuable statistical reports. We are committed to helping our clients achieve their project and financial goals, serving as a trusted partner in streamlining operations and increasing efficiency.

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Our products

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Smartrek Water level
Smartrek ultrasonic
Smartrek Flowmeter
Smartrek Pressure
Smartrek Temperature
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Smartrek 420mA Receiver
Smartrek Vacuum
Smartrek Remote Control
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