Simplify Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) Reduction

Smartrek has created an innovative system for tracking inflow and infiltration (I&I) that is cost-effective and highly efficient. By leveraging advanced technology, we have developed an approach that not only accurately measures and reports the duration and quantity of overflows for every event but also provides multiple avenues for verification, including our user-friendly web application or seamless integration with your SCADA system.

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Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) Tracking ?

In collection systems, maintaining integrity is a constant battle. Combined and Sanitary systems are both vulnerable to I/I issues through pipe damage and unexpected connections. Excessive rainfall can overwhelm systems, leading to increased costs and safety concerns. Efforts to understand and address these issues are crucial for effective management.

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The Ideal Inflow & infiltration (I&I) Solutions for Your Needs

Smartrek ultrasonic

Ultrasonic A-Link

The Smartrek Ultrasonic A-Link is a real-time level monitoring node that accurately detects water levels and analyzes flow patterns. Its ultrasonic sensor is highly precise, capable of detecting even the slightest distances. A valuable tool for various applications requiring precise level monitoring.

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Rain gauge

Rain Gauge

Infiltration and inflow (I/I) often occur after rainfall events, indicating external sources beyond the containment system. The Rain Gauge A-Link provides rainfall data per event, which is necessary to calculate the potential I/I. It helps identify the inflow source, timeframe and establish correlations between rainfall events and inflow instances.

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Non contact radar velocity flow meter


An advanced non-contact radar and area velocity flowmeter that provides accurate and reliable data while eliminating the need for field maintenance. When paired with our Atrax monitoring solution, it creates a robust real-time, wireless flow and level monitoring solution for various applications.

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Smartrek inflow and infiltration

What makes Smartrek different from others !

At Smartrek, we provide turnkey wireless monitoring solutions. We effectively connect and operate remotely, networks of sensors giving you real time information on what is happening in your water and wastewater distribution and collection systems.

Powered by Spidermesh, our proprietary radio mesh protocol, we can develop custom networks of sensors based on the data you need and the topology of the terrain, giving you the highest quality of data in the industry. By acquiring Smartrek, you become independent from any third party connectivity providers and own your infrastructures, avoiding recurrent cost and technologie obsolescence.

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