Smartrek: Inflow and Infiltration

Infiltration can be described as groundwater that enters pipes through openings such as holes, breaks, joint failures, and connection failures. This amount varies with the season and is especially heightened after storm events and extended periods of precipitation. It is most commonly expressed in terms of the total land area served (in gallons per acre per day, GPAD). Pipe length and diameter are also taken into account when measuring infiltration.

Inflow of surface water into the wastewater system is caused by heavy precipitation and includes yard drains, roof drains, footing drains, cross-connections with storm drains and downspouts, and manhole covers with holes. During extreme weather, the storm sewer system may be overly full, causing water to back up and pool.


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How Smartrek help prevent inflow and infiltration ?
  • Monitor sewer levels and overflow events.
  • Monitor pond levels.

  • Identify infrastructure limitations and capacity.

  • Smartrek allows you to capture the data you need to be fully informed of the status of your systems in order to strategically plan their maintenance and service.
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Smartrek inflow and infiltration

What makes Smartrek different from others !

At Smartrek, we provide turnkey wireless monitoring solutions. We effectively connect and operate remotely, networks of sensors giving you real time information on what is happening in your water and wastewater distribution and collection systems.

Powered by Spidermesh, our proprietary radio mesh protocol, we can develop custom networks of sensors based on the data you need and the topology of the terrain, giving you the highest quality of data in the industry. By acquiring Smartrek, you become independent from any third party connectivity providers and own your infrastructures, avoiding recurrent cost and technologie obsolescence.

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How does it work ?

In order to provide high-quality data, Smartrek utilizes an ultrasonic sensor with a measuring range of 0.3 to 7.62 meters (1-25 feet), a high resolution of 2.5 millimeters, and a battery life of up to three years on three D-cell primary batteries. This high-performance sensor not only measures distance, but also has the ability to calculate the flow, making it an ideal turn-key solution.