Coding Challenge: Chapter 1 – Finished!

Think you got what it takes?
Do you even code, bro?

  • Challenge details:

Difficulty Level

Submission Deadline
To be announced!

Solve the chapter and receive a hint to solve Chapter 4!

Coding Challenge

Level up your coding skills and get a chance to impress!

  • Challenge details:

Difficulty Level

Submission Deadline
August 15, 2020

10 winners will receive a HINT which will greatly assist with Part 2

Sharpen Your Skills

Join us and participate in our Coding Challenge Series.
A 4 chapter quest awaits you!

Solve the puzzle and receive a hint for Chapter 4!

Start challenge ->
Download puzzle

Schedule for upcoming chapters

  • Chapter 1 release date: COMPLETE.

  • Chapter 2 release date: To be announced.

  • Chapter 3 release date: To be announced.

  • Chapter 4 release date: To be announced.

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