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Our private sensor-based networks provide unparalleled wireless remote monitoring capabilities in any environment. Choose a solution tailored to your specific needs.

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What is SpiderMesh?

Simple Connectivity in
Challenging Environment

SPIDERMESH, Simple wireless solutions for a complex and fast-changing world.

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What is SpiderMesh?
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What is SpiderMesh?
Smartrek private sensor based network

Own your private sensor-based network

Smartrek offers turnkey solutions that help manage, gather, and utilize data to optimize your equipment and operations. Our flexible solution can integrate with existing infrastructures or act as a standalone solution depending on your needs.

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What sets SpiderMesh apart: Unique features & benefits

Our secret behind deploying smart IoT solutions is SpiderMesh, our proprietary communication protocol that allows us to connect sensors and devices to gather real-time information. We provide the highest quality of service in the industry, even in harsh environments, and mitigate recurring connectivity costs.


Our offerings

We are committed to helping our clients achieve their project and financial goals, serving as a trusted partner in streamlining operations and increasing efficiency.

Portia Radio Transceiver

Embedded systems

Our PORTIA radio transceivers offer a high wireless network range. Our radios use SpiderMesh technology, a cooperative wireless mesh protocol.

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Smartrek Atrax solution

Monitoring solutions

Our Atrax monitoring system coupled with our SpiderMesh mesh technology allows you to deploy, configure and monitor your resources remotely.

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Smartrek Engineering Services

Web app & System integration

We allows you to access & analyze data, track trends, & generate reports for regulatory agencies. Easy integration is also possible into your SCADA.

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Comments from our valued customers

Smartrek’s alarm and remote monitoring provides real time alarms and live data at our fingertips, resulting in cutting unnecessary after hour call-outs. Our customers and operations have experienced significant reduction in costs across the board. Additionally, Smartrek has been superb during the implementation and ongoing support for our monitoring system.  Smartrek is focused on continuous improvement and meeting the customers needs. It has been and is a pleasure working with their team.”

“We had the pleasure of working with the knowledgeable team at Smartrek. Their SpiderMesh protocol and sensing capabilities exceeded our expectations. This particular project was complex in nature given the work location was underground for the LRT tunnel project in Toronto, Ontario. Reliability and network stability were crucial in an effort to monitor groundwater behavior. Sensors used were: Pressure, Temperature, Water level and flow monitoring devices. This was made possible with Smartrek’s Plug n’ Play Monitoring system communicating securely and reliably with their proprietary SpiderMesh protocol. ”

“Our collaboration with Smartrek started in 2015 because their sensing equipment and SpiderMesh protocol was simple to install and use. Our relationship since has developed into a partnership, working alongside each other providing innovative solutions to complex problems. Furthermore, the ease of use partnered with the reliability of SpiderMesh result in excellent end-user satisfaction. Smartrek has demonstrated their team and products are unmatched within the Internet of Things ecosystem. ”

Rock Gaulin, H2o Innovation

“We have an established wireless sensing network using Smartrek’s measuring devices and the SpiderMesh protocol to read and transmit data real time. We identified an opportunity to use this same sensing network to transmit SMS text messages while we hike and hunt on our land. The added benefit of a secured Low Power Wide Area Network, also provides real security in being able to communicate via the network. Not determined by cell coverage and/or power grid outages. Summed up, SpiderMesh is totally reliable, secure, and great for large scale operations.”

Pascal Juneau, EMT Juneau

“We looked around for a wireless network with the capability to cover a large densely forested environment. Our Maple Syrup farm covers an area of 1000s of acres and needed a reliable scalable network solution. We needed this network to be able to monitor 10’s of thousands of maple taps. After our research, we chose Smartrek’s LPWAN SpiderMesh protocol. Since then, the SpiderMesh network has maintained consistent and reliable network uptime and is reporting real-time data. We stand by our choice and would recommend SpiderMesh as a low-cost wireless network solution.”

Among the proposed solutions, we have chosen a data-sharing technology through radio frequency called SpiderMesh. Smartrek has allowed us to have real-time data without recurring costs. It was an interesting approach, as mesh networks allow for creating robust and autonomous infrastructures. It is also worth noting that the installed transmitters are equipped with solar panels, so there are no additional costs to replace batteries. Additionally, the Smartrek team provided us with good service and support during the installation and configuration of the equipment. Furthermore, this Canadian-based company does the design and manufacturing in-house, which facilitates specific steps.

Ivan Khilimonchyk, Municipality of Chateauguay

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