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Relay/Remote Control:

The A-Link Remote Control has the ability to control up to two 24V pieces of equipment remotely, capture one logic NO/NC state with one digital input, and two amp meters to monitor the current to 2 different assets.

A Remote Control A-Link allows control of any machinery from a distance using our SpiderMesh protocol. It uses a transmitter and a receiver, which send and receive signals, respectively. The transmitter sends out a signal, which the receiver picks up. The receiver interprets the signal and sends a corresponding output to the controlled machine or system. This output could be a command to start, stop, or adjust the device or system.

How Smartrek 4-20mA Receiver A-Link Works:

Our turn-key, IoT-based solution offers a reliable and efficient way to connect networks of battery-operated sensors and provide real-time monitoring of assets in the field. By leveraging our proprietary radio mesh protocol, Spidermesh, you can create a private network and connect unlimited sensors to monitor your operations in real time.

Visualize the data through our web-based app or connect directly with your management systems, such as SCADA or other software. Set alarms and be notified when the system operates outside its normal parameters.

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