SpiderMesh radio protocol


Smartrek was founded in 2011 by exposing the deep-seated gaps in the wireless networking ecosystem. As soon as Smartrek raised this issue, the first seeds of a revolutionary LPWAN protocol were born from the hands of our experts! From concept to design, SpiderMesh was created and launched, and since then, we have been providing state-of-the-art M2M/IoT connectivity solutions to solve the most complex problems. With this master connectivity product, our customers push the boundaries of their industries and exploit new possibilities every day.

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Revolutionizing the IoT

Flexible, efficient, cost-effective.

Smartrek and its SpiderMesh innovation now enable data communication over an unlimited range while utilizing very little energy. It is also worth noting that our devices are not limited to their environment and are flexible by adapting to all conditions (rural or indoor) and all sectors (smart cities, buildings, communities, agriculture, utilities, healthcare, construction, supply chain, and logistics, etc.).

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Let’s make a difference

Today, we provide state-of-the-art wireless networking solutions to continuously adapt to an ever-changing world, enabling simpler connectivity between things. We bridge the technology gap and solve challenges of all sizes and locations. . With all our connectivity expertise, we can meet these challenges head-on by giving our product the intelligence to meet your needs.

In addition, we provide our customers with increasingly personalized solutions with unparalleled scalability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. To this end, our IoT offering includes sensor-based solutions as well as a highly efficient platform to remotely monitor your project, regardless of its size and location, while allowing you to create your own network.

Furthermore, we make a difference with our sensor and LPWAN Spidermesh protocol, which allows us to connect thousands of sensors over unlimited areas with low power consumption and secure data transmission.

Finally, our deployments can easily be integrated into existing infrastructures, thus enabling low-cost IoT applications that run on battery, unlike other disruptive technologies that can be slow to adopt.

Our mandate

Let us contribute positively to the development of future technologies that will be essential to our evolution.

Our vision

The company’s vision is to offer a simple and efficient solution to connect the objects and machines that surround us regardless of their environment.

Our future

Smartrek aspires to be a global leader in the Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, specifically LPWANs as well as connectivity deployments in challenging and complex environments.

Our key features

Unlimited range

We can cover an unlimited territory, regardless of the environment, simply by adding additional sensors and repeaters at the most strategic locations in your area.

Low power consumption

Our devices are the most energy efficient on the market, with a battery life of 7 years.


We provide an ultra-secure and secure platform.

High capacity

No matter how many sensors you put in place and how much data you collect, our platform can handle it.

Low cost

Our technology allows you to reduce unnecessary investments in your infrastructure with the data provided and ultimately reduce operating costs.

Canadian innovation

Our technology was born in Canada and all the ATRAX sensors are made in Quebec.