Smartrek: Pump Station Monitoring

Municipalities and water authorities can benefit significantly from having a monitoring solution in place that collects valuable data in real time. This solution can help them to reduce expenses associated with dispatching personnel to pump stations, resulting in considerable savings.

Furthermore, the collected data allows for analysis, informed decisions, and remote control over the pump station’s operations. Ultimately, this helps to improve efficiency while also lowering maintenance costs.

Smartrek offers extensive monitoring solutions designed to provide close surveillance of pumps and pump stations. Our Atrax solutions can gather both hydraulic and electric data and deliver timely notifications regarding pump status, level readings, pressure, and more.


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Unlock limitless possibilities for remote monitoring with Smartrek:

  • Optimize pumping activities.
  • Decrease pipe maintenance cost.

  • Minimize failures.

  • Measure pressure, level and flow.
  • Easy SCADA integration.
  • Remote valve control.
  • Be notified though mail, message and call.
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Pump Station Monitoring

What makes Smartrek different from others !

At Smartrek, we provide turnkey wireless monitoring solutions. We effectively connect and operate remotely, networks of sensors giving you real time information on what is happening in your water and wastewater distribution and collection systems.

Powered by Spidermesh, our proprietary radio mesh protocol, we can design custom networks of sensors based on the data you need and the topology of the terrain, giving you the highest quality of data in the industry. By acquiring Smartrek, you become independent from any third party connectivity providers and own your infrastructures, avoiding recurrent cost and technologie obsolescence.

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