Smart Gateway:

Every wireless sensor network (WSN) deployed with our ATRAX products requires a network coordinator, which the Gateway fulfills. The working relationship between the A-Links (nodes) and the gateway allows the creation of a private WSN, enabling the transmission and reception of data collected across the SpiderMesh network. A SpiderMesh WSN is independent of existing infrastructure and requires no network configuration.

Gateway Modbus:

The Gateway Modbus allows you to interface all of the existing Smartrek A-Links to an IP Network. It uses the standard Modbus TCP/IP protocol to read and write data, making it ideal for industrial or municipal organizations that already have SCADA systems in place.


The PRGEN-HLD allows the connection of additional mobile monitoring equipment to the SpiderMesh network in the event that the Smartrek Gateway is not directly accessible via the Cloud. This enables a mobile device to establish a direct connection to the network, allowing it to monitor the entire wireless network directly.

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