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What is LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Networks)?

Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) is a category of wireless technology that allows battery-powered devices to be interconnected at low bandwidth and low data rates over long distances.

Different LPWANs are ideal for machine-to-machine (M2M)/IoT applications, including those in the smart city, smart environment, and industrial sectors, as IoT devices require more longevity than speed and bandwidth. Many LPWAN technologies have gained prominence in recent years, offering cost, coverage, and power consumption advantages. When it comes to wireless technology, there is no single solution.

It is therefore important to understand what an LPWAN technology should be.

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right LPWAN technology for your next IoT project:

Quality of service: An excellent rate of data reception is essential to ensure a high quality of service and reliability.

Scalability: The network’s capacity must be taken into account for future extension of the network and an exponential number of end devices.

Low energy consumption: Low consumption can significantly reduce costs and help achieve sustainable business goals.

Sécurity: A network that provides optimal security, ensuring the transmission and integrity of data.

Public vs Private Networks: Private networks offer more flexibility in network design and coverage, while public networks often raise concerns about data privacy.

SpiderMesh vs other protocol

What makes SpiderMesh unique?

SpiderMesh provides a unique combination of performances that can be largely attributed to its mesh network topology. This technology combines the resilience of short-range mesh with the scalability of LPWAN. It is perfectly suited for all sensor deployments in an outdoor and indoor environment, typically unfavorable for establishing wireless networks.

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SpiderMesh is autonomous because each node in the network communicates with each other without external help. This local network is very different from other networks as it is entirely independent of Wi-Fi and cellular services.

Extended Autonomy

Communication between nodes is pre-established to avoid confusion (collision of data packets). By ensuring that the message is delivered intact on the first attempt, SpiderMesh consumes much less energy than standard wireless mesh technologies.


SpiderMesh is a mesh technology that ensures the existence of a multitude of communication routes between all members of a network. Even in the absence of one or more nodes within the network, messages continue to flow.

SpiderMesh Scalability

Foolproof Scalability

SpiderMesh is built from the bottom-up. Connections are automatically created between devices making it a self-constructing smart network that can form, disperse and re-form. With such self-healing capabilities, SpiderMesh makes connectivity simple in the most challenging environments.


Other LPWAN technologies like LoRa, SigFox, and NB-IoT are less flexible and require complexe, expensive infrastructure..

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  • Crop monitoring

  • Maple production

  • Forest monitoring

  • High precision irrigation

Smart cities

  • Infrastructure monitoring

  • Utilities

  • Smart Meters (AMI)


  • Forest fire detection

  • Air Quality Monitoring

  • Groundwater monitoring

  • River and Watershed Monitoring


  • Oil and gas

  • Mining operation

  • Control of the equipment

  • Construction site monitoring


  • Border surveillance

  • Drone management

  • Triangulation

  • Military

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