Maximize Efficiency with Remote Monitoring and Control of Your Pump:

Dewatering pumps are widely used in many industries for a variety of purposes. They can be found in mines, power-plants, construction sites and industrial mills, among other places. Essentially, these pumps are designed to take water from one place and move it to another, helping to keep homes, businesses, and worksites dry and in good working order.

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Our remote monitoring and control is easy to use and allows you to control your pump from away, anywhere. It is also capable of controlling multiple pumps at the same time, making it ideal for large scale dewatering projects. The remote control is waterproof and dustproof, meaning it can withstand harsh conditions and ensure a long lifespan. Our remote control also comes with a variety of features, such as variable speed control, automatic shut-off, and adjustable start/stop times. You can also monitor your pump’s performance and make changes to its settings from a distance.

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Manhole Monitoring

What is the purpose of pump control?

The use of instrumentation and monitoring, as well as the management of data, is essential for any construction project. This enables the recognition of long-term geotechnical and hydrogeological trends, the implementation of preventive measures, and the gathering of useful information for future design and building approaches.

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How it works?

Here is an example: The pump is usually regulated by a float switch which is set to a certain height. When the water reaches the float switch, it will turn on the pump. The pump will then start to remove the extra water, and when the water level falls beneath the float switch, the switch will turn off the pump.


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