EW2 & Smartrek

EW2 & Smartrek

Smartrek Technologies and EW2 Environmental Inc have entered into a strategic partnership, providing lowest cost wireless sensor networks throughout the Carolinas and Virginia.

This collaboration combines EW2’s 30+ years of expertise and experience working within the water and wastewater industry alongside Smartrek’s wireless communication technology and products. Together we provide incredibly low effort monitoring, control and reporting solutions, regardless of location and environment.

Applications include, monitoring of water distribution networks, remote control and monitoring of equipment, manhole level monitoring as well as lift or pump station applications

“Smartrek will allow operators to easily monitor their system from wherever they are. Past solutions involved high complexity or high expense – Smartrek removes both of those obstacles” – Shane Eckley, President of EW2 Environmental

“We have been continuously impressed by the professionalism, knowledge and experience of the EW2 Team. With 30+ experience in water and wastewater, we knew partnering with EW2 would bring credibility and opportunity to the water industry” – Martin Carrier,  CEO of Smartrek Technologies.