Maximize Yields and Minimize Risk with Data:

As the world’s population grows, so does the need for efficient and sustainable agricultural production. With the advent of modern technology, farmers can now monitor their crops remotely, allowing them to make informed decisions that maximize yields and reduce costs.

Discover the Benefits of Smartrek’s Remote Monitoring Turnkey Solution

Smartrek enables farmers to leverage cutting-edge technology to monitor and regulate the conditions in which their crops are cultivated. With Smartrek sensors and its revolutionary SpiderMesh connectivity protocol, farmers can acquire real-time data and be notified of any changes, allowing them to make adjustments to optimize their crops even in the most remote and difficult environments.

Agriculture Remote Monitoring is an invaluable tool for modern farmers. Using our technology, you can ensure that your crops are healthy and productive while reducing costs and labor.

Smartrek enables you to:

  • Protect against equipment failure by monitoring and optimizing conditions to improve yield.

  • Get immediate alerts at warning or critical levels.

  • Monitor temperature, humidity, water, and more to find power outages and leaks.
  • Maximize yields and reduce costs.

  • Control irrigation.

  • Own your wireless and battery operated network.

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Manhole Monitoring

The benefit of an automated and wireless irrigation system with Smartrek?

  • Make quick and accurate adjustments if needed.
  • Monitor plant health and detect potential issues before they become serious.
  • Gain a better understanding of water use and the environment around your crops.
  • Receive detailed reports and analytics to make sure your plants are receiving the optimal amount of water and nutrients.
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Turnkey solution for greenhouse and vertical farming:

Smartrek gives you an incredible superpower – the ability to stay informed and take control of the key conditions that can make or break your yields. With our remote monitoring system, you can be instantly alerted to any temperature, humidity, moisture, and airflow changes, so you can take quick action and prevent potential losses.

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