The Plug-n-Play Smartrek Monitoring System

Our goal is to help others realize the promise of the IoT revolution. We provide the Smartrek Plug-n-Play Monitoring System featuring our SpiderMesh mesh network technology. Coupled with various sensors the monitoring system can be used in various applications, from water management to agricultural monitoring.

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In a matter of minutes, you can embark into the revolution and ease the burden of data collection, detect and prevent failures, improve management efficiency as well as increase productivity.

The Smartrek Monitoring System is tailored for deployment of WSN (Wireless Sensors Network) from basic to the most challenging locations and is designed with smooth end-user experience in mind. Multiple sensors are connected to the system via a one-step installation procedure. Data can then be accessed using the provided Android App, or remotely from the Web 2.0 App if the system is configured to send information to the Cloud.

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  • Native Android App/Web App

  • Analytical tools such as charts/history

  • Real-time readings and data-logging

  • Sound/speech/e-mail/SMS alarms

  • Intranet network messaging

  • Equipment control

  • Custom automation

smartrek plug-n-play monitoring system android app screenshot
sugarheld block programming android app smartrek plug-n-play monitoring
  • Custom automation

  • Block programming/JsCustom automation


Smartrek sensors communicate over a cooperative mesh network. That is, they all take turns and exchange data to the network coordinator, the Gateway. Once data has been received, the Gateway transmits to a computer (tablet or smartphone) over a Bluetooth link.

You now have all the collected data at your fingertips, providing valuable insight and information. Either on a computer and/or, optionally, on the Cloud.

Also, as a result of the bidirectional communication capability, you can control and activate/deactivate connected sensors and/or objects.

smartrek plug-n-play monitoring sensors deployment on a 3d terrain

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