Tank Level Measurement and Control
Snow Depth
Water and Wastewater Applications
Manhole Overflow Monitoring
Object Detection
River Level Monitoring
Volume Measurements
Environmental Monitoring

Ultrasonic sensor:

Smartrek’s Ultrasonic Sensor is an incredibly accurate sensor that uses sound waves to measure distances. It is highly sought after for applications such as motion sensing, environmental monitoring, and industrial automation due to its exceptional precision. The sensor is composed of a transmitter and receiver that send and receive sound waves, respectively, to determine the distance between itself and the object in front of it. Our Ultrasonic Sensor is capable of accurately detecting even the slightest of distances, making it a highly valuable tool for a multitude of applications.

Ultrasonic MNU sensor:

The Ultrasonic MNU is a high-performance ultrasonic precision rangefinder with a measuring range of 0.3 to 7.62m (1-25ft). The Ultrasonic MNU also has embedded capabilities to calculate the flow using Manning equations.

The Ultrasonic MNU can also measure the total amount of water that has circulated (totalizer).

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