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Flowmeter sensor:

Flow monitoring is essential for managing operations in many different contexts. From creating environmental reports for construction dewatering sites, understanding the capacity of a water or wastewater network, detecting leaks, and gaining real-time visibility into activities, Smartrek can help. With our real-time data, you can optimize operations and respond instantly to any events that may affect the performance of your operations.

Dual Flowmeter sensor:

The Dual Flowmeter A-Link is a two-channel, long-range wireless pulse receiver and pulse counter. When used with a flowmeter that can provide bidirectional measurement, it uses one channel for the forward flow and the second one for the reverse flow. The positive and negative pulse count is stored directly on the A-Link, enabling it to remember the total number of pulses it has counted in its lifetime. Additionally, it is equipped with a 0-300 PSI pressure transducer to measure the pressure in the conduit. This combination node is an ideal solution for monitoring water leaks in any aqueduct system, as it simultaneously monitors flow and pressure.

How Smartrek Monitoring Works:

Our turn-key, IoT-based solution offers a reliable and efficient way to connect networks of battery-operated sensors and provide real-time monitoring of assets in the field. By leveraging our proprietary radio mesh protocol, Spidermesh, you can create a private network and connect unlimited sensors to monitor your operations in real time.

Visualize the data through our web-based app or connect directly with your management systems, such as SCADA or other software. Set alarms and be notified when the system operates outside its normal parameters.

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