How does an IoT network stay current with updates?2020-07-09T02:24:21+00:00

Thankfully, through our SpiderMesh protocol, the ability to patch a network can be done Over-The-Air. This allows for little to no human interaction with a specific node and maintaining a low cost for running a network.

What is LPWAN?2020-07-09T03:03:27+00:00

LPWAN expanded means Low Power Wide Area Network. It is a low power, low bandwidth wireless network, whose purpose is to provide low power consumption, efficiency, and ability to transmit data across long distance. This network type is often described as the best for Internet of Things, as it provides the best connectivity option measured in decades of years.

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How many things can I connect to a SpiderMesh network?2020-07-09T02:22:20+00:00

The network scale is virtually unlimited. The design of our protocol allows for virtually any size network, over any distance, and 100% reliability.

Is a SpiderMesh network secure?2020-07-09T02:20:41+00:00

Yes it is. Unlike LTE/4G/5G networks, SpiderMesh is a private network and therefore offers enhanced security. Moreover, the proprietary protocol is frequency hopping and, with the added AES-128 encryption on both the header and data of the transmitted messages, your data is secure and cannot be hacked.

Why should we pick a low bandwidth network when 4G/5G networks are available?2020-07-09T02:15:03+00:00

The use case for low bandwidth network is very different than its 4G/5G counterparts. Low bandwidth networks are best applied to sensor networks for data collection and analytics, measured in bytes. There are cost benefits using an LPWAN network instead of the pricey carrier 4G/5G wireless networks.

How many devices are connected to an IoT network?2020-07-09T02:12:42+00:00

While years ago this was a costly venture, improvements to wireless technologies and protocols have allowed a range of scale opportunities. Our LPWAN SpiderMesh protocol has virtually unlimited scaling potential. The size and reliability of the network never decrease.

What impact does IoT have on businesses?2020-07-09T02:11:37+00:00

IoT technologies can gather qualitative and quantitative data from real-world assets and transmit this information real-time to the virtual world. Paving the way for informed data-based decision-making capabilities.

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