Ground water monitoring

smartrek plug-n-play monitoring vacuum sensor in tunnel

Smartrek Plug-n-Play Monitoring System has been installed on the Eglinton Crosstown LRT construction site. The Crosstown LRT construction is part of the largest infrastructure investment in Ontario’s (Canada) history.

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Maple farm monitoring

Smartrek Monitoring System has been installed in a maple bush in northern Maine. Miles of tubing run into the woods from tree to tree, each to be vacuumed by seven pumping stations scattered over 385 acres of unorganized land…

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Underground Mining Monitoring

truck in an open pit mine

Having specialized in challenging radio frequency environments, we wanted to test our technology and equipment in order to be fully prepared for future mining projects. Therefore, in order to assure that Spidermesh technology performs well in a mining environment, we decided to run important tests in a mining site.

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Indoor Air Quality in 1400 schools 

Smartrek has responded to the indoor air quality issues by developing a new turnkey solution for continuous air quality monitoring in over 1400 schools across Canada. This solution ensures that students and school staff have the best possible learning and working conditions in the classroom.

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