What is LPWAN?

Low-power wide-area network is a class of wireless technology that interconnects low-bandwidth, battery-powered devices with low bit rates over long ranges.

They are great for machine-to-machine (M2M)/IoT applications, especially those in smart city, smart environment and industrial sectors since IoT devices require longevity over speed and bandwidth. Many LPWAN technologies gained prominence in the past few years with each one of them providing key benefits in terms of cost, coverage and power consumption. When it comes to wireless, there is no such thing as a one size-fits-all solution. So let’s dive into a LPWANs comparison.

lpwan smart city isometric representation
spidermesh compared to other lpwans

How does SpiderMesh compare?

Different technologies, different results.

SpiderMesh has a unique combination of performances which can be largely attributed to its meshed network topology. The technology combines the resiliency of short range mesh with the scalability of LPWANs.

Lowest total cost of ownership & Scalability in any environment

SpiderMesh is built from the bottom-up. Connections are automatically created between devices making it a self-constructing smart network that can form, disperse and re-form. With such self-healing capabilities, SpiderMesh makes connectivity simple in the most challenging environments.


Other LPWAN technologies such as LoRa, SigFox and NB-IoT, these are top down, inflexible networks. They entail complex and expensive infrastructures.

SpiderMesh Scalability

Unleashing IoT’s endless possibilities

With a truly scalable mesh, IoT devices can now connect seamlessly to meet the most challenging requirements.

spidermesh iot applications

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