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The promises and pitfalls of 5G


In wireless communication, radio waves travel in the electromagnetic medium. Characteristics such as Latency Bandwidth Throughput Power consumption Geographical coverage Range Complexity  Cost are dictated by the compromises and tradeoffs that we make when designing the wireless technology (choices must be made such as the frequency range, the modulation schemes, etc.) For this reason, there is no single wireless solution that can tackle all of the existing connectivity challenges at once. A great example of this is the hype around the new 5G technology, which promises a faster connection and lower latency, with a speed at least 40 times faster than [...]

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The Future of Mesh Technology


Is there really a need for mesh wireless networks? With all the wireless topologies currently in place, is there really a need for mesh wireless networks, or are the ones currently in place sufficient for the future needs of the human population? >> Jump to technical bit For starters, staying idle isn’t realistic in the long run, as history has taught us. Once we discovered a better, faster way to do things, all we want to do is move forward, not back. Man is a competing species, it’s in line with human nature. Therefore, it’s realistic to say that the [...]

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