Smartrek Water and Wastewater Remote Monitoring
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A new era of remote connectivity in water & wastewater

Your own private network: Smartrek provides you with a private and secure network. This network does not depend on third-party communication technology (cellular or satellite). Since it is private, you can extend it infinitely or as needed without monthly subscription fees. Moreover, to provide you with a turnkey solution that meets your expectations, we have over 40 different types of sensors.

A new way to monitor: With Smartrek, you get 24/7 live monitoring with an advanced alarm system triggered by customizable settings. Setting up a wireless sensor network has never been easier or more effective. Get actionable information and prevent harmful overflows, and catch untreated wastewater as it happens.

Wireless Sensor: Our wireless sensors represent an essential state-of-the-art technology for water monitoring and management, even in the most complex environments and sparse areas. We offer a turnkey solution for close monitoring of various operations to provide full access to critical data and probe all parameters.

Informed decision making: Our sensors installed at various points in the water system have the ability to accurately monitor environmental parameters such as temperature, pressure, water composition and flow, etc. As a result, our sensors collect data and feed it back to monitoring systems, which decision-makers and managers can then use to make informed decisions while optimizing overall operations.

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A centralized platform for in-depth analysis

We provide an intelligent platform from which you can get all the data and synthesize it into actionable information. You can access your data at any time via your cell phone or computer, even without an internet connection or cellular network. In conclusion, the Smartrek system is one of the most reliable technologies in the wireless industry.

Quick and easy installation with minimal planning

Smartrek provides a comprehensive solution to identify and detect key water industry issues including leaks, failures, water composition, excessive pressure, non-revenue water detection and more.

Customizable data refresh rates

Our solutions can be customized for a variety of applications. This will allow for improved operations, more informed decisions and a responsive approach.

An evolution and update of the system easy to use

We always have the end user in mind. Our goal is to provide a turnkey solution that is easy to use and install, so you can embark on your IoT revolution and have all the important data at your fingertips.

An independent network

You can improve your water management by installing Smartrek’s private wireless monitoring network. It works in any environment or location, without costly pre-installed infrastructure and without relying on cellular or satellite communications.

Excellent long-term reliability

We enable enormous connectivity potential, spanning vast distances. Offering exceptional simplicity, quality of service, flexibility, scalability and reliability, while maintaining low cost and future-proofing.

Made in Canada

Smartrek is a Canadian company that aims to offer the best on the market. Discover our products entirely designed and assembled in Canada.

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