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Agriculture at the heart of connectivity

The IoT in agriculture can improve agricultural performance by providing farmers with the data they need to run their operations smoothly. IoT enables environmental data to be collected and analyzed to help farmers make informed decisions. It can also monitor and analyze the performance of agricultural machinery to improve its use and avoid costly breakdowns. Additionally, the IoT can be used to track and enhance agricultural production processes, allowing farmers to meet rising consumer demands for quality and quantity.

Smartrek offers a turnkey solution to track and analyze the most relevant data to optimize yields. In addition, our technology allows farmers to gain efficiency and productivity while improving how they manage their operations. Farmers can thus obtain an excellent return on investment and use the IoT to its full potential.

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Smartrek at the heart of your industry

Smartrek makes farmers’ lives easier by developing foolproof connectivity and asset monitoring through its state-of-the-art sensor network.

Complex environment for connectivity

One of the challenges farmers face is accessing simple and effective connectivity in remote or less developed areas. Smartrek sets itself apart from its competitors by providing seamless and unlimited connectivity in the most remote environments, such as forests, mountains, and valleys.

Remote Monitoring

Smartrek and its sensor system allow each farmer to monitor their farm and the surrounding conditions, such as light, humidity, temperature, soil tension, etc.

Our innovation offers the management and monitoring of your assets at any time via an interactive platform. In addition, our technology will allow you to own your private network regardless of the size and complexity of the environment.

Agricultural Revolution

Smartrek targets every player in the system with its state-of-the-art technology. We are not only targeting conventional agricultural structures, but all major players in the agricultural revolution, such as horticulture, vertical farming, and more…

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Real time monitoring

Overcome the unexpected with Smartrek’s smart sensors!

Smartrek’s smart sensors are the most effective way for farmers to take control of their operations by obtaining real-time data to monitor product quality and optimize resource management. Finally, the data will be 100% actionable and can be analyzed for predictive purposes to make accurate and relevant decisions for your operation.

Smartrek Precision

Smartrek provides seamless and reliable data collection through an easy-to-use platform and powerful sensors. Our sensors are critical to the success of your operation because of the quality of the data they provide.

Smartrek Solution

We offer you a turnkey solution where you are the leading actor. Our system allows for a complete and relevant analysis of the data essential to your success. This data will be an inexhaustible source of evolution for your business.


Maintenance is no longer a challenge when it comes to Smartrek. With reliable and robust sensors, maintenance is virtually non-existent.


Smartrek makes it possible to connect a multitude of agricultural installations. This connectivity is 100% reliable to ensure optimal performance, even in the event of complications such as sensor failure. The strength of a mesh network like ours is that a complication cannot affect the system’s operation or the network itself. Furthermore, our network is easy to deploy and manage, allowing you to focus on your agricultural production without worrying about network maintenance.

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