Maximize Flow, Minimize Infiltration: Remote Monitoring Solutions

Improving the effectiveness of reducing Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) and preventing combined sewer overflows requires the use of modern methods that can address multiple issues simultaneously.

Municipalities and water operators are faced with diminishing annual budgets, aging and deteriorating infrastructure, limited workforce, and resource-inefficient programs that tend to produce limited results – often in response to an issue, not as prevention.

In order to work more proactively, municipalities and water operators must take a strategic approach to address Inflow and Infiltration (I&I). This requires having the best tools available to gain an overall view of a water and wastewater system, which can be achieved through our Smartrek turn-key solution.

With our solution, you can easily and accurately measure water levels and take advantage of real-time data to monitor and predict trends. Our solution is user-friendly and easy to install, and it’s designed to be integrated with existing inflow and infiltration systems.

unnecessary travel

Reduce unnecessary travel

Reduce installation costs

Get real time diagnostics

Obtain advanced alarm system

Gain secure and predictive insights

And more

Unlock Proactive Solutions to your I&I Challenges with our Turnkey Solution:

Unlock the full potential of your collection and distribution system with over 35 types of sensors. With our sensors, you can measure, monitor, and quickly design custom networks – without third-party costs and concerns over technology obsolescence. Get reliable and accurate insight into the performance of your infrastructure now.

Flowmeter: Our flowmeter sensor provides accurate readings in real-time, helping you detect leaks, calculate water consumption, and ensure operational efficiency. Our sensor can be used to measure a system’s inflow rate, wastewater rate, stormwater rate, and infiltration rate.


Ultrasonic: Our ultrasonic sensor can be utilized to measure the amount of water entering or leaving a sewer system. In order to determine the rate of infiltration or inflow that could aid in preventing costly damage.
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Monitoring your inflow and infiltration is easy with Smartrek’s monitoring solution. From tracking current volumes and inspecting overflow risks and recording historical data, our solution offers you unprecedented insight.

Ready to get started with smarter water management? Contact us today to learn more about our inflow and infiltration water monitoring solution.

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