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Smartrek sensors to improve connectivity in the mining industry

Mining presents a real challenge in terms of connectivity due to its many remote and difficult-to-access locations, continuous operation, and multiple sites spread over large distances. Given these factors, even a tiny connectivity problem would be disastrous in terms of performance and reliability.

Smartrek sensors are essential in the mining environment and represent significant added value. In addition, some mining operations have already transitioned to a more connected future.

The solution to our connectivity lies in the presence of sensors at strategic locations. Thanks to our sensors, the main actors can collect a large amount of data to make decisions and find more efficient methods to conduct their operations and develop their site’s performance. In addition, these sensors are essential to prevent potential failures and, thus, avoid operations downtime.

Our sensors are also necessary for transmitting information over long distances at low energy costs. In addition, they have a very long penetration capacity into the ground, allowing them to offer connectivity to inaccessible closed and underground locations.

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Connectivity, an essential element in the mining sector

In an industry that runs 24/7, gaps in communication and connectivity can severely affect data reliability and, in some cases, cause an immediate and complete shutdown of operations.

With Smartrek, we offer you outstanding reliability with our 40 different types of sensors and repeaters for extended and stable network coverage. Our meshed network allows us to guarantee performance and uptime at all times. Moreover, as your network owner, you can extend it according to your needs without paying a monthly fee.

It’s also worth noting that the hostile nature of mines is not a barrier to the connectivity Smartrek offers. In most cases, networks have a limited range and are generally expensive and vulnerable to the mine environment. In contrast, our Smartrek sensors offer 24-hour connectivity, energy savings, and low cost for complex and remote environments.

By choosing Smartrek sensors, the information collected will allow you to make balanced and informed decisions while providing more efficient scenarios for your mining operations.

The importance of air and groundwater monitoring

It is common to encounter toxic gases and high CO2 levels in the mining environment. Smartrek sensors allow for the detection, monitoring, and evaluation of emission levels in order to maintain a safe and compliant work environment for your employees.

With data provided by Smartrek level sensors, mining operators can monitor underground water levels in mine shafts in real-time, including in the event of rain. A decision such as pumping can be made to prevent excessive inflow, thus avoiding underground flooding.

What is the future of the mining industry?

The IoT has huge potential for the mining industry. However, this transition could have been faster due to the industry’s authentic and traditional character.

Today, the IoT is helping the mining industry improve performance, streamline operations and reduce costs. In addition, it is constantly reinforcing safety, an essential element in the mining sector, by providing vital information in real time about the conditions of the mine and its workers.

There are still many challenges to be met by the mining industry, but the IoT, when used to its full potential by Smartrek sensors, can take the industry to a whole new level of connectivity.

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