CSO and SSO monitoring and reporting

Traditional monitoring systems only provide alerts after a combined sewer overflow (CSO) occurs and lack real-time capabilities.

In contrast, Smartrek’s advanced technology offers a proactive solution by precisely recording the start and stop times, durations, and volumes of overflows. Our technology streamlines the reporting process for CSO incidents, ensures compliance with regulations, and empowers you to make well-informed infrastructure improvements.

CSO monitoring

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Our turnkey solutions

We provide a comprehensive suite of hardware, software, monitoring, and integrated solutions tailored to meet specific industry challenges. Our offerings pave the way to more intelligent water management by establishing an actionable system.

Non contact radar velocity flow meter


The RAVEN-EYE® is an advanced non-contact radar and velocity flow meter that provides accurate and reliable data while eliminating the need for field maintenance. When paired with our Atrax monitoring solution, it creates a robust real-time, wireless flow and level monitoring solution for various applications, including CSO/SSO Monitoring and Inflow, and Infiltration.

Smartrek ultrasonic


The Smartrek Ultrasonic A-Link is a real-time level monitoring node that accurately detects water levels and analyzes flow patterns. Its ultrasonic sensor is highly precise, capable of detecting even the slightest distances.

Rain gauge

Rain Gauge

Our rain gauge enables the monitoring and analysis of dry-weather flow versus wet-weather flow, providing valuable insights into groundwater infiltration rates and the volume of water your system processes.

How our monitoring solution stands out

Easy Installation

No trenching, with Smartrek there is no need to dig trenches and bring antennas above ground, this makes for a quick and easy installation. Additionally, our sensors are above the water (when compared to submerged sensors), so they won’t get obstructed by debris and sediments, minimizing the maintenance required and the confined space entries by utility workers to clean the sensors.


Our sensors and nodes provide autonomy for a period of 2 years with a reading every 15 minutes, again minimizing the need for confined space entry and expensive battery replacement.

Reliable connectivity

Using SpiderMsh, our proprietary radio mesh technology, we have the ability to deploy a custom network connecting seamlessly all your devices. We can guarantee the quality of the connectivity, giving you high-quality data and real-time monitoring

Data management

Using our cloud-based app, you’ll be able to visualize real-time data and extract raw data for advanced analytics. Our alarm system will alert you when unwanted events happen, based on the custom parameters you will determine. Easy and quick integration into your existing SCADA system is also possible.

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