Dewatering operation with Smartrek
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Dewatering and bypass operation with Smartrek

Challenges: The dewatering operation is critical, and failures can be catastrophic. Dewatering systems are complex and use a variety of equipment at multiple sites spread over a large area.

Our solution: Smartrek’s remote monitoring allows dewatering and pumping companies to have a real-time overview of their operations 24/7. This way, they can ensure that each component operates within its standard operating parameters.

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Why choose Smartrek ?

Site dewatering professionals trust Smartrek Technologies to meet the demands of their operations and projects, regardless of location or environment. Smartrek Technologies provides reliable and innovative solutions that are essential to the success of these professionals.

  • Does not depend on the cellular network; only one internet connection is needed to the gateway.
  • The devices are battery-operated and independent of existing infrastructure.
  • All-in-one dashboard.
  • Choice of over 40 different sensor types.
  • Installation takes only minutes.
  • Lowest total cost of ownership.
  • Secure communications.
  • Resilient system.
  • Simple alarm configuration.

A state-of-the-art alarm

Our advanced alarm system will inform you immediately when something goes wrong on site.

Eliminate unnecessary travel

Eliminate unnecessary site visits by managing systems remotely.

Remote Monitoring

Emergency stop, remote control of valves and start/stop systems

Report and history

Report on system performance.

Site dewatering

Monitor and manage groundwater levels, vacuum levels for wells, pump operation with electrical power, pressure, flow rates, tank levels, etc. remotely to avoid unnecessary employee travel.

Save money by obtaining relevant information, remotely monitoring, tracking and identifying problems and reacting quickly to events.

Bypass pumping monitoring :

Monitor and remotely control levels, pressure and flow to prevent overflows, detect equipment failure and get peace of mind.

nos équipements smartrek

Our equipments

  • Digital input
  • Remote control
  • Ultrasonic level
  • Flow rate by pulse signal
  • Pressure and vaccum level

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