Groundwater Level Monitoring in the City of Chateauguay

Explore the equipment employed for this project:

In order to make this project possible, a total of 18 water level nodes, equipped with PT500 probes, have been strategically placed, along with 2 ultrasonic nodes featuring MNU probes. These nodes have been interconnected using 6 solar repeaters to ensure seamless communication. Additionally, a centralized Gateway has been implemented to oversee and manage the entire system efficiently.

Smart Gateway

Smart Gateway

Water Level

Water level

MNU 2424

APG MNU 2424



Solar Repeater

Solar repeater



Wireless Remote Monitoring

The city of Châteauguay has recently adopted Smartrek to monitor and manage its numerous infrastructures. This decision has proven to be incredibly advantageous for the municipality, thanks to our technology’s many benefits. This time around, the city has chosen to monitor its groundwater level, further enhancing its commitment to efficient water management.

Water Well Remote Monitoring


The essence of this project revolved around monitoring the groundwater level in the city of Châteauguay. As such, the installation of piezometric probes as part of the groundwater monitoring process played a vital role in ensuring the sustainable management of this precious resource. It is essential to highlight that the project aimed to gain a deep understanding of the fluctuations in the underground water level, with the ultimate objective of preserving and safeguarding this invaluable resource.


The paramount objective of this project revolved around monitoring groundwater levels across many diverse locations. Consequently, the sought-after solution needed to retrieve copious amounts of data on fluctuations in the water table while eliminating recurring costs. Additionally, it had to overcome the challenges posed by connectivity issues in these various locations.


Since implementing our technology, Ivan, the division chief of environmental hygiene, has witnessed a remarkable enhancement in his team’s management and time allocation. Smartrek has played a vital role in optimizing his team’s workload. Moreover, the collected data has proven to be immensely valuable, significantly benefiting the city of Chateauguay.


Among the proposed solutions, we have chosen a data-sharing technology through radio frequency called SpiderMesh. Smartrek has allowed us to have real-time data without recurring costs. It was an interesting approach, as mesh networks allow for creating robust and autonomous infrastructures. It is also worth noting that the installed transmitters are equipped with solar panels, so there are no additional costs to replace batteries. Additionally, the Smartrek team provided us with good service and support during the installation and configuration of the equipment. Furthermore, this Canadian-based company does the design and manufacturing in-house, which facilitates specific steps.

We are delighted that we made the decision to choose Smartrek and its products!

Ivan Khilimonchyk, the division chief of environmental hygiene

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