Spidermesh wireless protocol at work


Spidermesh - simple connectivity Light Rail Transit tunnel construction Credit photo: Metrolinx Currently under construction in Toronto, the Light Rail Transit is taking shape. This underground LRT project is 19.7 kilometers in length directly underneath arguably the busiest street in Toronto – Eglinton Avenue. The Challenge With more than 35 years experience, WJ Groundwater Canada is responsible for the dewatering process throughout the tunnel. The tunnel is being constructed utilizing the New Austrian Tunneling Method, also known as sequential excavation method. Dewatering is extremely crucial to this excavation type. The [...]

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The Rise of Smart Cities


What is a smart city?  A Smart City uses digital technology to collect and provide feedback to its citizens, visitors and government.. This is accomplished by use of IoT sensors and various technologies to connect different components together.  The overarching mission of a smart city is to optimize city functions, drive economic growth, all while improving quality of life using smart technology and data analysis. After the data is collected and analyzed, the real value is taken in the form of action. What will the city do now that they have this information?Having the ability to collect real time feedback [...]

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Breaking down the IoT


What is IoT in simple words? According to Gartner,’’The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of dedicated physical objects that contain embedded technology to communicate and sense or interact with their internal states or the external environment. The connecting of assets, processes and personnel enables the capture of data and events from which a company can learn behavior and usage, react with preventive action, or augment or transform business processes. The IoT is a foundational capability for the creation of a digital business.’’ The increasing number of applications can be found in many different areas including security, asset tracking, [...]

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Dissecting the Industrial IoT


What is the difference between IIoT and IoT? The Internet of Things (IoT) is a collection of interconnected physical devices that can monitor, report on, send and exchange data. This can range from cars and home appliances to wearable gear like watches. All of these objects connect to the internet and transmit data from the physical world to the digital world. These are considered ‘smart objects’.  Need a refresher on IoT? Click here. Now, the IIoT, which stands for the Industrial Internet of Things, is a similar concept. They both have the same characteristics, which is intelligent connected devices. [...]

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The promises and pitfalls of 5G


In wireless communication, radio waves travel in the electromagnetic medium. Characteristics such as Latency Bandwidth Throughput Power consumption Geographical coverage Range Complexity  Cost are dictated by the compromises and tradeoffs that we make when designing the wireless technology (choices must be made such as the frequency range, the modulation schemes, etc.) For this reason, there is no single wireless solution that can tackle all of the existing connectivity challenges at once. A great example of this is the hype around the new 5G technology, which promises a faster connection and lower latency, with a speed at least 40 times faster than [...]

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The Future of Mesh Technology


Is there really a need for mesh wireless networks? With all the wireless topologies currently in place, is there really a need for mesh wireless networks, or are the ones currently in place sufficient for the future needs of the human population? >> Jump to technical bit For starters, staying idle isn’t realistic in the long run, as history has taught us. Once we discovered a better, faster way to do things, all we want to do is move forward, not back. Man is a competing species, it’s in line with human nature. Therefore, it’s realistic to say that the [...]

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