Smart Solutions for Water and Wastewater Operators: Remote Monitoring Made Easy

Do you need a powerful, flexible solution to monitor and control your water and wastewater networks?

Introducing Smartrek, the ideal solution to remotely monitor the status of your water and wastewater distribution and collection systems.

Our turnkey wireless monitoring solutions make it easy to get real-time data and maximize efficiency, while minimizing operational costs. Best of all, you can have them up and running in no time – there’s no need to manage a complex network of wires, pipes and other equipment.

Easy and cost-efficient installation

Spot any changes, and take action before costly damage

No matter how large or small your operation is, we can scale to meet your needs.

Private sensor network, no connectivity fee

Advanced alarm system

More than 35 different sensors

Remotely Monitor and Manage an Unlimited Number of Devices Anywhere, Anytime!

You can develop a custom network of sensors tailored for the data you need and the topology of the terrain, providing you with the highest quality of data in the industry.

With Smartrek, you’ll be free from relying on third-party connectivity providers and own your infrastructures, slashing recurrent costs and preventing technology obsolescence.

  • Automate and monitor
  • Monitor multiple parameters at once
  • Diagnose leaks and unusual activity remotely
  • Reduce on-site maintenance time
  • Monitor equipment malfunctions
  • And much more

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