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Flowmeter node

Measures flowrate and total volume. The flowmeter sensor is not included.

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The flowmeter sensor is a low cost wireless monitoring node add-on that can connect to any flowmeter that can provide an adjustable pulse output with signal conditioning. It is compatible with virtually any type of flowmeters and measures both flow and total volume. The flowmeter node operates on batteries and can be combined with a battery-operated flowmeter for a complete wireless solution.

The sensor node is suitable for various applications and will perform best for the monitoring of flow where power is not readily available, such as in remote areas or on temporary work sites.

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Additional information

Compatible flowmeter types

Any (paddlewheels, electromagnetic) with passive pulse output, CST Low power

Input requirement

1 Hz < Fosc < 100 kHz

Battery life

Up to 5 years on 3x D-cell primary batteries


3xD cells batteries, 9V PSU with 3xD cell backup batteries

Battery Operated

Yes, No

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