Wireless Technology by Industry

How can Spidermesh Technology help my business? 

Groundwater Monitoring

Typically, groundwater monitoring involves drilling a well to access the aquifer. Sensors are then lowered into the well to measure the water level and quality. Smartrek offers a permanent wireless installation system for long-term well monitoring.


It’s important that farmers have access to their data on a continuous basis, in order to be able to properly monitor every variable when it comes to their farm. Keeping their data up to date will reduce time and labor costs. Wireless sensor technologies offer the ability to monitor a variety of parameters crucial for ensuring crop and plant well being and growth. Farmers need to keep track of factors such as temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels to ensure that their crop productivity is on schedule, all while keeping operational costs at a minimum. Wireless is also used  to monitor soil tension, as well as automating tasks for precision irrigation.


Industries are turning to wireless technology in the mining sector where risk management is important. Using wireless sensor technology is an effective way to properly and safely monitor long term projects that could last a decade. A mine is a challenging radio frequency environment, and Smartrek is happy to be able to cater to this industry. 

Oil and Gas

In an industry where there are a lot of moving parts, the oil and gas industry depends heavily on the consistent and effective operation of its equipment and pipelines. The IoT can benefit the oil and gas industry in a few different areas. Using wireless technology can optimize for better and more efficient piping activities, remote maintenance of pipes and wells, monitoring equipment and gas leak detection, and monitor pipe thickness, temperatures and erosion.

Factory Automation

Factories and processing plants can greatly benefit from wireless technologies because of the number of machines working on a constant basis, transferring information to one another. Industries such as consumer goods manufacturing, metals, automotive, pharmaceutical, food processing, packaging and material handling can all benefit from wireless technologies.

Monitoring vehicles in order to prevent failures is key in order to protect workers and manage security protocols. Automation, reducing the number of running cables, asset tracking, all of these solutions are possible with SpiderMesh technology. Our devices also work great in the outdoors, in a high density area or scattered in a large area. Wireless is a great strategy to improve production by eliminating downtime.

Forest Fire Detection

According to Carbon Brief, there has been an increase of forest fires due to climate change. By installing proper equipment and using wireless technology, catastrophic damages can be detected earlier. Temperature sensors can be used to monitor humidity, soil moisture, and any other factors that may increase the risk of forest fires.

What we offer

Clear communication

Timely and trackable data 

Works seamlessly in a low power wide area network 

A technology that is designed to operate in harsh radio frequency environments like underground, in buildings and in trees 

Easy to install, easy to use  

Low cost technology   

Scalable to fit your needs

The best part?

By using a private mesh network, it costs less to run. Rather than paying a subscription to cell providers, you are using your very own network. No need to build any infrastructure, you can pick up and go as you please.

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